Thursday, 7 July 2011

Chocolates for summer?

Seasonal and local – if food can't manage at least one of these, they're just not cool. Chocolate is never going to manage the local bit, but what about seasonal? Still eating the same chocolates now that you were tucking into at Christmas? Well, yes, frankly, I am.

Over at La Maison du Chocolat though, they have released a summer collection of chocolates, Chiberta, with flavours hailing from the Basque country of southwestern France, designed to be eaten in the warmer months. 

The ingredients include things that we are used to finding in chocolates: honey, almond paste and praline. Plus there is the now obligatory chilli, or piment d'espelette – though here it has a definite flavour of the whole chilli pepper itself, rather than just the heat of chilli oil.

High quality chocolate, not overly sweet and intense flavours make for a classy product.

But don't even think of holding on to them until the winter...

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Chocolates and Dessert on the Upper West Side said...

This chocolate was really a catch to me since it has the ingredient that I really love into chocolates which is almond paste. Another thing is that never heard of this seasonal chocolates and thanks for your blog informing me such kind of information. Hopes that this chocolate wont easily melts since it was made for summer season! :)